The Zen Your Pet movement is dedicated to deepening the bond between humans and their companion animals. 

Like any relationship, you get out what you put in.  Through designated play time, creative and therapeutic activities, and environmental enrichment you can make a real difference in your pets well being. The time, energy, and presence that you share with your animal companion begets mutual joy, health and wellness benefits, and better behavior. The best part is: we benefit as much as our pets do!

Just 5 to 20 minutes a day can have an amazing effect on your pet’s well being, and your own!


Giving the Gift of Play

Domesticated animals have benefited people for thousands of years. They provide protection, and play crucial roles in rescue missions, therapy programs, pest control, hunting, capturing criminals, and herding livestock.  

Our responsibility to companion animals is to enrich their quality of life as they enrich ours. It’s easy to take for granted that we are the center of our pet’s universe. We leave the house and interact with others every day – even if the only person we talk to is the clerk at the grocery store – while our pets patiently (or sometimes impatiently) await the highlight of their day: our return.

Giving our pets just five to twenty minutes of our undivided attention each day is totally doable, totally fun, and mutually beneficial.


Dog Yoga

Doing yoga with your pet is just one of MANY fun and creative ways to spend time together and develop your relationship. Not only is it a healthy activity for your dog (or cat), but it is great for socialization and way to meet like-minded folks and be part of a community.


Clicker Training for Cats

You will be amazed at how easy it can be to train your cat (or dog) new things with clicker training. Some animals just love to please the owners, and in just a few sessions with your pet you can teach your cat to sit, jump through a hula-hoop, or give you a high-five.  


Brain Games & More

It’s good for your pet’s brain to learn something new, but it can also be a great opportunity for family fun. You can play hide and seek games with their favorite toys or have a pet dance party with the whole family! The possibilities are endless!


About Me


Hi, I'm Dr. Danni Shemanski and I love to help pets and their families. 

Treating cats and dogs throughout my work day is in itself highly rewarding, but over the years it became clear to me that my job isn’t just about helping animals, it’s about helping families.  My relationships with the owners are just as rich as my relationships with my patients.  

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